1/4/2011 Solar Eclipse New Moon at 13° Capricon 39” sets a very serious tone for finances and banking. Nonetheless, there is a robust new vision in real estate, and innovative concepts can pump blood into this volatile market. But beware of concepts that skirt accountability, because they cannot hold.

The eclipse is in line with the fixed star Ascella, which the ancients claimed led to: Good fortune; lasting happiness; valuable gifts, love of women; burning & poison (!)… with Venus rising in the U.S. chart, and Ceres moving to Aquarius, there does seem to be an emphasis on women in the community. This can also stir up volatility and the U.S. increased lack of clout in global negotiations,. The Sabian symbol is “an ancient bas-relief carved in granite” .
Blain Bovee in his book on the Sabian symbols points out that this conjures a sense of what always has been and will be… and yet, the creativity that frees itself from the hard consistency of granite.

In spite of the intensity, today bodes well for new projects, especially ones that look straight-on with financial limitations and possibilities.