Solar Eclipse 1/26  This Aquarian New Moon occurs at 2:55 am EST at 6 degrees 30 minutes. Aquarians will feel this acutely, especially if they’re born early in the sign. Leos will feel the effects as well, but regardless of your sign, you can use this symbolic time for renewal to focus on a goal.

This is an excellent time to deepen friendships and expand your networking circles. If you’ve been wanting to plan a trip or redesign your computer area, now’s the time to start drafting it out. Remember, Mercury is still retrograde, so you won’t necessarily book that flight or invest in software, but you may begin the outline of what you’d like to accomplish. Goals are achieved more easily when you map out how you’re getting there.

This New Moon on the heels of the inauguration of President Barack Obama hints at the area of emphasis for “New Beginnings” in his presidency. Because the eclipse activates Obama’s 12th house, it suggests delving into the backstage activities of his office. So he may be busy behind the scenes, instead of appearing as up front as people may like. 

Neptune and Pluto are unaspected in this chart, which makes it critical to “keep his friends close and enemies closer”. Negotiations with foreign nations is pivotal, especially in trade and banking.