I killed a squirrel yesterday. I was driving to pick my kid up and my head was on something else. Other than some insects in my youth, I have never taken a life (to my knowledge). I have friends and relatives who list off the deer they have killed on dark roads in more rural environments.

I am sorry about the incident, even though I know accidents happen. I also believe they happen for a reason. Since I’m a person who works with symbols, the squirrel’s death is an event I notice.

The late animal-mystic Ted Andrews listed these qualities as being part of squirrel’s magic:
“Sensitivity to Your Surroundings
Having a Warm and Cozy Home
Putting Things in Order
Being Productive
Discovering New Things
Agility and Being Quick”

This happened the day before this eclipse. A new moon in Capricorn encourages business plans and strategies. It’s a good time to reflect on the structure you’re building, for life goals and/or health planning. Capricorn is the opposite sign to Cancer, which emphasizes the home and nurture.

When I look at the list of squirrel’s messages, I see the polarity between productivity in business and creating family. I was in the process of picking up my kid and running business errands. The squirrel was busy gathering to create a cozy winter.

It is with quiet gratitude I thank my little squirrel messenger. I see the words: “warning, agility and being quick”. If my head were present while driving, I might have been able to avert the accident. On the other hand, someone was on my tail (probably another over-scheduled parent) and I might have been rear-ended.

The core message is to be more present when driving. Habitual paths are hypnotic, but I know with a retrograde Mars I have a good shot of remembering this incident and not repeating it.

I can be certain that I will regularly see squirrels darting about to remind me.

This Capricorn new moon is coupled with a challenging eclipse, which amps up the energy of its potential. Eclipses can be raw and perhaps volatile, so the impact can be heavy.

As I look at its horoscope, I see a real emphasis on scraping off layers of communication, especially in areas that concern the U.S. economy. This is critical in creating a solid foundation for community aspirations. The ongoing theme is stronger definition of our nation’s values and the implementation of them. This may contrast with “business as usual”.

The bottom line is if you are in business or finance, it is time to get your desk in order. You want to create changes to how things are done BEFORE you are forced to do it. As Congress struggles to design ways to regulate financial institutions, it is crystal clear that those institutions would do better to present new strategies to the government pro-actively.

It is time to take responsibility and be accountable. I’m going to use this Capricorn Moon energy to embrace my bookkeeping. Wishing you a productive day!