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The night before Mercury went retrograde this time, my car developed a sound under the chassis like a dragging metal chain, yet nothing was visible. I brought it into the shop, dreading some unanticipated fix was warranted.

“You had rocks in your hubcap!” my mechanic informed me, as I paid for the labor. Next time, I’ll fish them out with a hanger. Darn trickster Mercury, having a laugh on me; vehicles of travel are linked to the symbolism of the messenger god.

Hit with allergies (which don’t usually affect me), I realized too late that my automatic feed did not send for my daily posts. Of course, no adequate explanation came from the social media marketer; just another one of Mercury’s SNAFUs… and the airborne “pollen tsunami” that has hit the NY area is a broadcast that forces slow down as well.

Then again, for those who care, since David Letterman is quitting during Mercury Retrograde, he may yet resurface in another venue.

This is a particularly unsettling Mercury Retrograde because it’s in the sign of Gemini. Gemini is a sign with an affinity to Mercury’s realm: writing, correspondence, the neighborhood, how you commute and connect with people.

Mercury Retrograde may indicate more obvious upsets than when another planet in retrograde. When the trickster planet is dancing backwards, you need to double-check appointments, your email and transit. It’s best to avoid signing contracts, not because of potential theft but because you may be missing some information. Avoid hiring or starting a job at this time if you want it to stick.

Make sure your malware is up-to-date. Electrical devices and technology can get wacked at this time and although it’s not advisable to buy a replacement, sometimes you have no choice. Ideally get something you can return if need be.

Mercury retrograde is an ideal time to strengthen your meditation practice, edit, go over contracts, research, review and reflect.

If you must travel, give yourself plenty of time for connections. Keep your sense of humor!

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