Fifth Ave ©Cucinell 2006

There is a strong impulse to complete projects and clear your desk today. Since this is the day before the Full Moon and in the sign of Gemini, you may experience a high level of impatience and/or frustration.

It’s as though you’re fishing over a lake where you see glimmers of a big fish, but no bites. Remember to breathe today, especially if you experience the desire to push faster.

There is more “flow” tomorrow; see the brakes in today’s events as necessary for your own well-being (even if you can’t figure out why).

Watch the speed limit, make full stops and tell yourself “I have plenty of time”. Look around you or you may miss serendipitous opportunities. This can be a highly productive day if you stay out of your own way.

It’s a good day to move through correspondence. If editing is not your strength, you may want to hold it in your draft folder and give it one last look tomorrow before you hit “send”.