Getting into cardio group exercise has been a revelation for me.

As with all my clients, I go through my own “transits”, or passages that force me into a new development or to face a part of myself that it’s time to meet. Just because I’m an astrologer, doesn’t mean I can avoid the process.

I want to talk about Spinning. I approached it with hesitation, because I used to bike from one tip of Manhattan to another and over the Brooklyn Bridge. I didn’t want to bomb out at Spinning, because biking reminds me of flying around city streets and my youth. I was quite pleased to find my first class was great fun.

It was the second class that had me Spinning out of Control. This doesn’t mean I was in physical danger, but rather an emotion was triggered through the memory of familiar physical exertion coupled with specific music. Although initially painful, it was a perfect release at the Virgo Full Moon.

I could blame Adele for the tears, and that certainly puts me in a comfortable sorority. But this was a new spin on Rolling in the Deep. The song in tandem with pumping on the bike forced the moment. Suddenly I was spinning back in time. On my red bike purchased in a Park Slope store, I followed my boyfriend over gravel, grass, railroad tracks, parkland, behind buses and cabs and over bridges. It’s not so much that he taught me to fly on the bike, but in following him I learned what was possible.

As Adele sang, I pumped quickly through the elated memories into the low, when I rode sobbing through Prospect Park with a broken heart and shattered dreams. The feeling was as raw as it had been in 1984, but as I pumped my heart and soul pushed through the emotion and it rolled away as sure as a cloud.

Most of us don’t go through life without getting our hearts broken. Many of us patch ourselves together, heal with the scars and open ourselves to love again. At the Virgo Full Moon, the Pisces Sun lights the moon with the essence of our spiritual existence: love, wisdom, being. We have the opportunity to reflect on how to integrate our belief in Love with the mundane details of our life. Every act, when done with love, becomes a magical moment.

So when I learned to Spin into Control, I allowed the emotions of the past come into the present so they could pass. Although I was surprised they were still there, I was not shocked. They were tears from a well of compassion towards my younger self, the young woman who thought she could love enough for two people.

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