Friday 3/20 The Spring Equinox begins at 7:44 am EDT today when the Sun enters Aries, beginning once more its cycle along the zodiacal belt (from our perspective here on Earth). This is one of the two days a year when equal time is given for day and night; you may get an urge to spring clean, to organize or to get ready for the longer days. The Spring Equinox is a promise, a reminder that you can start fresh and begin again.

With a Capricorn Moon you may have the focus to apply yourself with purpose. A correspondence or neighbor may present you with a new take on an old project. There is spontaneity in the air, even while you work on old business; sometimes turning a picture upside down does change your perspective for the better!

Happy is the person who can clock out early and enjoy the lengthening day. A void-of-course moon after 4:06 pm EDT suggests nothing new will come through, so unless you’re tidying up you might as well get out and enjoy!