The Spring Equinox occurs at 1:15 am ET when the Sun enters the sign of Aries. The Spring Equinox is the start of spring and the first sign of the zodiacal wheel; so it symbolizes another New Year to begin again.

For many people, spring does bring promise and this particular equinox brings a powerhouse of Aries energy. Aries is the pioneer, excited by new terrains and fresh experiences.

Because Mars (symbolizing desire, action) is retrograde opposite Neptune, Chiron and Pallas, there may be a bit of frustration in the air.

Think of an industrious Virgo building a sand palace, only to have it knocked over as soon as s/he turns her back. Still, there is strength in the rhythm, and you should not shy away from a task just because you seem to backslide.

In spite of the friction, there is a great deal of good will support for endeavors begun at this time.

It is very important to educate people as to the benefits of your proposal. Any enterprise that does not serve a spiritual component is destined for failure. Those who are willing to take an ideal out to the street and support it with conviction are totally in line with the full expression of the energy of this Equinox.

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