fireplaceGet in touch with your inner fire!

When you are a part of our Stoke the Fire community, you receive an energy refresh and spiritual connection, whether you listen live or replay.

At the end of each month, Pamela Cucinell offers an accurate and clear forecast through astrology to guide your choices and options for the month ahead.

Suzy Meszoly leads deep meditations related to that month’s opportunities, to help you navigate and integrate the flow of the Universe.

Gain access to our FREE calls /replays as well as more information on this unique program.

Enjoy the zest and humor of the Stoke the Fire Duo: Pamela Cucinell and Suzy Meszoly.
Receive a powerful energetic meditation to make the most of this period. Learn what opens spiritually at this time.

We are excited to share these monthly programs of Stoke the Fire with our growing community of exhilerated, expansive and aware participants! If the monthly offerings intrigue you, consider our weekly offering.

Each week we update our Stoke the Fire community through clear interpretation of the celestial signposts.

This profound spiritual guidance clarifies life’s essentials in down-to-earth language to increase your confidence in daily decisions. The specific guided meditations enhance your ability to make the most of your week.

Gain access to our FREE calls /replays as well as more information

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