This morning, do some inspirational writing or reading to set the tone of the day in a positive light.

There are energetic forces that support those who focus on what they want to create. The energy is neutral, which is why it’s so important to imbue it with ideas for good.

The Summer Solstice occurs when the Sun enters Cancer at 1:17 pm ET. This sets the tone for the seasonal quarter, which is all about emphasizing the creative products and celebration of roots. Once again, it is neutral, so it’s essential to think in terms of manifesting loving energy and the creative in a way that connects people with one another rather than isolating one as the winner.

This is a very powerful Solstice, because the outer planets of Uranus (symbolizing change/revolution) and Pluto (transformation, power, money) are center stage.

The idea of “homeland” is highlighted, which from a military perspective, may mean a resurgence of allegiance in protecting one’s possessions. I’m not forecasting more terror, but it is important to recognize that this is not a time to deny the powerful forces at play.

Be aggressive as a spiritual warrior. Be vigilant in your practice and recognize that you cannot afford to slip into complacency. You may be asked to declare your loyalty, whether for you job, your family or your country. Be clear about your values.