As I write this, Pluto is at 0 degrees Cap and the Sun is 3… fast moving Apollo is moving quickly away from the god of the underworld. But I’ve been meaning to write more personal symbolic thoughts on this blog, and Pluto has forced my hand on this (a historic precedent for me, for sure)

Pluto transits (in spite of its “dwarf planet” status) are transformational. No one will tell you they are fun (Persephone was having a nice walk in the garden when Pluto grabbed her and pulled her screaming into the Underworld). Something is usually wrenched away from you. Yet, afterwards you are ideally left with something greater… less tangible, but you close your eyes and you feel its there.

Now since I live with 2 people who are Sun conjunct Pluto (yes, this says a lot about my chart), I anticipated Pluto’s move into Capricorn and conjunct the Sun as being a “hot” point in our year. There are a lot of transitions in play in our household, so I’d thought it was about that.

But Pluto can often plow through and things you thought were important, simply fall away.  So my forecast did not get out at midnight and I’ve learned I must pre-program this. Early morning the 23rd, I had to rush my husband to the ER (with a kidney stone… thank you, Pluto!). After an emergency procedure for a stent to drain, he is fine- but I spent a night without sleep and only found my bed when I usually send the forecast last night…

and this being a Pluto experience… they still haven’t found the pesky stone! The saga will continue, there usually aren’t fast transitions with Pluto.

my daughter is simply happy we’re going to get her dad… all the usual business of Christmas Eve is suspended. I will make a ham and a pie and we will be together. No parties, no dress up, no church music but the essentials of why we’re alive: love. Thank you, Pluto!

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it and to the rest- a good movie with Chinese food in an NYC tradition!