The moon enters Cancer at 7:31 am ET.

Although the moon travels through connections with Uranus, Pluto and Saturn, which may cause emotional upsets and struggles, it ends its journey with a contact to Jupiter, signaling “all’s well that ends well”.

Even though this is not necessarily the ideal time to begin a new venture, it’s a tremendous learning experience. If you ride the waves of your emotions for the next 48 hours instead of getting swept underneath them, you will surface with a pearl.

A Sun/Neptune picture in the sky may indicate confusion today; get out of your head and make time to meditate or take a long walk or swim. By relaxing the worry mind, everything snaps into focus. Nerves can frey late in the day. Avoid electronics, arguments and sudden movement. A good night’s rest works wonders. If sleep eludes you, take a bath or cuddle with a comforting book and a cup of warm milk.

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