If you haven’t seen Susan… maybe you’ve been on a monastic retreat?

The images of smug people coming to conclusions without proof is always uncomfortable. When I first got sent the link I thought: “oh God, am I going to watch this poor woman make a fool of herself?” It was my and the world’s, belated “April Fool’s”.

Since my mother was born on April Fool’s, I know people with this birthday usually have a great sense of humor. They get joke gifts on their birthday and they love even more to “getcha” back. Good for you, Susan!

I have always been an “idle” Idol watcher, but enough to know all the players and the format. So where do I find the astrology in this amazing performance?

What follows is the astrology of the day… I will be posting later on Susan’s astrology- 4/1/1961, now that I know the date has been verified, thanks to the journalistic work of David Nicholson and astrologer Jonathan Cainer

On April 11th when the pretaped episode was aired on “Britain’s Got Talent” the moon was in Scorpio, coming to trine Uranus (the unexpected, unique) and Venus (art, beauty) in Pisces. Venus had just slipped back into Pisces, since it had been retrograde coming from Aries.

The fascinating thing about this is Venus retrograde encourages us to re-evaluate our relationships… to love, friendship, money, anything we value. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiacal belt, and symbolizes (among other things) our desire to connect in a non-tactile way, through meditation, prayer and music.

With Uranus in the last 10 degrees of Pisces, we are being jogged to “get it”. Can we make the hard changes (Uranus) to put us in position to create a better world by the time Uranus goes into Aries? Believe me, I’m not expecting overnight transformations, but when I hear a woman sing the word “shame” as viscerally as Susan Boyle does, I know it is reaching into the soul of every person who hears with an open heart.

29 degrees Pisces is also considered a major degree in astrology, and that’s where Venus was. Another very strong configuration was a grand trine in earth with Mercury (communication), Pluto (transformation) and Ceres (how we feed ourselves).

Susan Boyle’s true quality voice coupled with emotion is filling a hunger indicated by her enormous growing fan base.

Because it’s not just Susan that won. As my friend Ken reminds me, it’s also the editors, production crew and those backstage guys who put together a video to capture the masses with the underdog glamor. This is the earth support of the trine.

Pluto in Capricorn, once more. Appreciation of hard work. Real substance. A woman resurrected from obscurity and adored in spite of her age. She is an example of someone who slowly has climbed the craggy hill of her life, picking up skills along the way. She did study drama in Edinburgh; she obviously has used the instrument of her voice everyday.

Lucky Pebbles. Now we all get to hear her. Sing on Susan.