It’s this quote by Susan Boyle from the London Times that sounds like an Aries. The April 1, 1961 date has been verified, giving Susan the Sun, Venus and Ceres in Aries. An Aries Sun with Ceres is strongly influenced by the mother (sometimes overly protective, sometimes domineering). Aries are known for their ability to do something no one else in the family or community has done before and they don’t particularly care what other people think.

In Susan’s case, the Libra Moon would cause her to bend more to other people’s wishes. She wants to “make nice”; to know how the other person thinks. It is fascinating to me that transiting Ceres, at 0 degrees Virgo was in line with her solar directed Mars (desire). Mars is Aries’ planet of power and it had progressed from its birth position of Cancer (another mother symbol) to Virgo.

Transiting Ceres is part of the earth trine with Pluto (transformation) and Mercury (communications). Her natal North Node (karmic destiny) is at 5 Virgo, certainly activated by this configuration. Because of the transit of Ceres, it does seem as though her mother archetype was motivating her desire to perform, as she has said.

Her natal Venus is in retrograde in Aries, which has just reoccurred. It did go direct by progression when she was about 30. It will be interesting if in the multitude of continuous interviews, something comes out about that time.

There’s plenty more to explore in her chart, but it’s getting late here in NY and thunder and lightning are promising a rich spring. I do think Susan Boyle knew exactly what she was doing when she failed to part her hair and went onstage without makeup. She had her opportunity to stand in front of the world and ask “What’s wrong with looking like Susan Boyle?”

Absolutely nothing.