Overheard at the Bronx Botanical Gardens yesterday: a lady heatedly explained the concept of teaching inmates to farm. She spoke of how empowering it would be for them to grow their own food and how it would give them a viable skill when released, since sustainable food is the future.  My daughter was carrying a bag of salad greens gleaned from the kid’s gardening program as I heard this. We began to talk about the logic of every family and school having their own garden for food rather than lawns guilty of pesticide run-off. A good blog on sustainable food This all makes me think of Pluto in Capricorn. When the planet of transformation (and at times decimation) is in a sign,  it’s major upheaval time for the areas of life symbolized by that sign. Coming out of Sagittarius, we know our schools are in trouble and the legal system has helped create swelling prisons and health insurance’s astronomical costs.  As Pluto travels through Capricorn, it’s time for institutions and corporations to address the excesses of the past. Since prisons are a business in the United States, it’s not a crazy idea to think of ways to make them profitable without simply creating serial prisoners. Effective programs like farming in prisons would enable inmates to eat well, learn to understand the value of the earth and ideally increase their own inherent self worth. With Saturn in Virgo for the next couple of years, the time is ripe for proposals like this to be heard by the people who could make it our future.