morticia, astrologyForecast 10/29 The Virgo moon really encourages housecleaning.

This also might mean detoxing your own body. It brings awareness to whatever might limit your good health. A Mercury/Saturn picture enables bright communication and encourages you to step up to the plate in relationships.

This may affect siblings and /or neighbors. It’s important that you define whatever needs to be said. If an old wound needs to be flushed out, this may be your opportunity. When the moon is in Virgo we have a doorway to heal relationships. Only you know if this is the time.

It’s very invigorating to take a walk in the out-of-doors. This helps clear your head and give your body the connection with earth that it so sorely needs. You can do this even if you’re walking on a Manhattan Street. ©Cucinell 2013- all rights reserved

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