©Cucinell 2013Forecast 2/8 The Moon is void-of-course (VOC)* until 2:16 p.m. ET.

When the moon enters Aquarius, it may feel like cold water has been thrown in your face. This is not necessarily a bad thing; you may run out the door after being at your desk all day.

Do be prepared for the shift because it makes the transition more graceful and less accident-prone! Basically, we move from quiet focus to buzzing stimuli. You get to decide what needs your attention and what’s just distraction populating your in-box.

Nonetheless, this is the 48 hour period before the New Moon (and a big one at that- the beginning of the Year of the Snake). So you want to finish up tasks, clear the decks and position yourself for a new cycle of growth. Things can move very quickly in the afternoon, so take advantage of the momentum. The better prepared you are for action, the more effective your decisions.

*Moon VOC/Void-of-Course… in Capricorn, organizing and filing is like a well-oiled clock. You might also like to garden or finish up any loose ends from work.