OK, my love of the jazz standards is showing in the title… my apologies to George & Ira….

But it seems to me that the celebration of Wesak is particularly charged today. Wesak is often celebrated in the West in April at the Taurus Full Moon due in part, to the spiritual writings of Alice Bailey.

Yet Wesak is also celebrated today on what Westerners consider the Sagittarius Full Moon (with the Sun in Gemini) because according to the Vedic/Hindu calendar, this is the Taurus Full Moon. Since Wesak has to do with Buddha, it makes sense to many to focus on the Sidereal (Vedic) zodiac rather than the Western (Hellenistic) calendar.

To further complicate things, Wesak is celebrated on the “Taurus Full Moon”, which is not what a Western astrologer would call the Full Moon during the Taurus cycle. The moon is opposite the sun when it’s full, so in actuality the moon itself is in the sign of Scorpio, whichever calendar you use. Nonetheless, the celebrators of Wesak do it at the “Taurus Full Moon” and it’s their party, so…. (yes, another song is in my head!)

Vibrant Stream ©Cucinell

Regardless of when you focus on it, Wesak is a time when your everyday life and spiritual opportunity can coalesce, which is of great benefit to individuals, community and the planet.

Christ and the Buddha work together is close cooperation, opening a channel of communication between humankind and deity. It is especially important for leaders and guides to allow time to connect with this flow, because they can accelerate knowledge and enhance their ability to create real change.

Regardless of whether or not you consider yourself a leader, Wesak is a reminder of the potential for both spiritual rivers to flow together and create a Sea Change. The great river of the East is Buddha in mutual reception with the great river of West, Christ. Whenever and if ever you celebrate Wesak (and even if you don’t) thinking of these two magnificent energies as one great force seems even more powerful under this particular Full Moon amplified by innovative Uranus entering pioneering Aries.

It makes perfect sense to me to carry this energy from the April full moon to the May and as far beyond as eternity.