Friday 4/24 Venus sprints into Aries in the early AM, and although she never quite catches up to Mars in the next month, fire energy is crackling. It’s a slow burn under the Taurus Sun and today the New Moon occurs at 11:23 pm ET.

Shoot out whatever necessary emails need to be delivered before 8:12 am ET if possible. After that the moon is VOC and clearing your desk and organizing is an effective use of your time. You can certainly exercise and do regular activities, but save your new projects until after 2:46 pm when the Moon enters Taurus.

A Mercury Uranus picture in the sky suggests inspired thought. It is advisable to find time to write down your plans for the coming lunar cycle. Writing down plans is always a great way to ritualize this cyclical new beginning, but today it’s particularly important, because Taurus likes the tangible. Solid thought, written down for you to see and refer to as time goes. Be specific.

Taurus is about making something of substance. It may be money, or a creative endeavor or a garden. Whatever you choose to plant, take time today to put your thought into it. Then pay attention to the opportunities which will be presented to you as the cycle unfolds.