All_About_EveForecast 5/17 An overall tempestuous mood colors the morning, which can lead to displays of anger, passion or even tantrums.

If you feel the heat of this, you might want to check your emotional weather and keep perspective. It’s the cool head that wins and equilibrium comes by afternoon.

Only the most adept at the arts of meditation and calm may be able to hold their temper in the early part of the day. You don’t have to blow up, but you may experience a ripple of anger or annoyance if you sense a slight or cannot get an idea off the ground.

Exercise helps, if not to actually solve the problem at least to help you blow off steam. This is important to do, because if you’re stewing or caught in a maelstrom, you will miss the opportunities that come through.

Opportunities present themselves and flexibility enables one to take advantage of them.

The Leo Moon begs for an evening to party, play like a child and/or indulge in glamor.. Leave your cares at the doorway and be part of the excitement and appreciation of life.

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