5/4/2010 You may experience or witness some friction in the morning ET. You might balk at authority or get into a head lock with someone who wants you to go another way.

Try to see how you can express yourself and still keep things moving. A stalemate is very unproductive, unless it’s a temporary move to cause necessary adjustments. Get the practical and organizing tasks out of the way in the early half of the day.

Orange Tulips ©Cucinell 2010

You can be very inspired by a new way to do something, and you can make it happen with a solid foundation. The moon is VOC* from 3:07 pm to 4:51 pm ET.

Once the moon enters Aquarius at 4:51 am, a desire to network and be around fresh ideas bubbles up. This sets up a fun evening to be with new faces or old friends and enjoy lively conversation.

*Void of Course: the moon will make no other geometric connection to any planet before it moves into the next sign. More about VOC.

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