Today the New Moon occurs at 2:40 pm. It’s the second new moon for the month of July, the first was the eclipse on 7/1 and most people agree, there’s been tremendous turmoil this summer.

The degree of the New Moon is 7° Leo 16” and the Sabian symbol is “a Bolshevik propagandist”. This is a very strong image because it has a lot of momentum behind the revolutionary quality of the phrase. This doesn’t mean that Red uprisings will spring up throughout the world, but whatever concept is revolutionary can catch fire. In the U.S., this seems particularly charged as the government vacillates between budget talks and defaulting on loans. It is critical that decisions are made that mirror the will of the people, otherwise the people will rise.
In other words, if you find yourself with people who want to make changes (or you’re one of them), you can encounter a lot of support. There will be some compelling speeches made today and if you’re not the one giving one, you may be swept away with someone else’s ideas.

The important thing is to recognize whether the revolution resonates within your soul and if it does, to act on it.