Forecast 11/3 The moon enters Cancer on 3:43 a.m. ET.

This can be a highly productive morning for creative and/or pursuits with a concrete goal. Appreciate the simple pleasures of a nurturing meal and comfortable clothes.

A Venus/Pluto picture indicates possible friction. This may come out in a love relationship, or an investment proposal. What is required is a clear-eyed alignment between what is valued and what is desired.

Sometimes it’s a situation between love and money, or money and power or love and power. If you find yourself pitted between two very compelling forces, you might be best served by letting love show you the way.

If you aren’t clear where that force initiates, it’s definitely time to gain perspective. Carve out time to be home with loved ones; even if the conversation gets rocky, you can make strides to connect. The key is to not wield power or create an impasse but to look for the “give”.