©Cucinell 2013

©Cucinell 2013

Communications can go awry in the early morning; be patient especially when there’s a generational rift.

This is not a time to crowd too many tasks or errands without giving full attention to what you’re doing.

The moon is void-of-course (VOC)* from 7:15 a.m. ET until 8:11 p.m. ET when it enters the sign of Libra. Once this occurs, psychic ability is active which can be disconcerting if you’ve concrete obligations or stimulating if you’re involved in a creative or spiritual pursuit.

Dancing or music helps to bridge gaps.

Oh! and tonight for some strange reason I decided to do my 2013 Forecast (although it will happen again live on 1/6- just in case it’s a VOC flight of fancy)….
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*Moon VOC/Void-of-Course in Virgo, it’s great for organizing, finessing a project or exercise routine and clearing out closets.