My daughter has been in Washington D.C. this week. No, she’s not helping with the bailout (although I think a team of 6th graders might be able to brainstorm more effectively). I explained the stock market to her before she left, translating an article in the Washington Post. She blinked and said: “that sounds like gambling, Mom”. Yea.

Anyway, she’s on a child leadership program which is very exciting but for the first two days, she couldn’t call me. Misunderstandings with the calling card access (yes, believe it or not, my 10 year old does not own a cell phone). Even though I knew this was Mercury poking at me, I had to do a lot of deep breathing and Reiki.

Television is also the domain of Mercury (with Uranus- more on that next post). Last night we find out she hasn’t been sleeping well because one kid in her room insists on sleeping with the TV on! (I hope it’s not tuned in to Capitol Hill). Fortunately, the facilitator put the kibosh on that…. she asked me to send her Reiki last night and hopefully experienced sweet dreams.

But my Mercury woes are nothing compared to the U.S. financial turmoil and the presidential candidate standoff.

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