Uranus and Moons- courtesy of NASA

Uranus in Aries, OK… but what does this mean for your personally? Of course, to get the real skinny, you’ll want to book a session with your favorite astrologer, because the hints I’m about to give are for Sun signs.

It’s part of the picture, but you are not one-dimensional. Still, part of the story is better than no story at all.

Keep in mind, Uranus will be in Aries through 2019, so this may affect you this year or increase in impact as the years go on. It all depends on when you were born in the cycle of your birth sign.

Aries You must go your own way now, although responsibilities in relationship weigh on you. It is crucial to balance your commitments with your need to express yourself. You can’t have a partnership that doesn’t have give and take. This is the time to maximize your potential for success.
Taurus Dreams may crack into your consciousness- you might benefit from jotting them down. Don’t worry as to their meaning, but if you take the time to record the ones that strike you, in time they might shine light on a situation. If you make art of any kind, this begins a highly creative period. Travel, education and/or publishing options may come your way.
Gemini It’s time to cast out that net for your biggest dreams. Mix up your circles of friends and don’t hesitate to try new networking groups. This may be a difficult time for you, with transitions that don’t feel entirely in your control. Nonetheless, an eager spontaneity to make new friends can create options you’ve yet to consider.
Cancer Things keep changing in your career. Or if you’re not working, your status and activities continue to shift. Television or web activities may gain prominence in how your work is done. This may indicate there are moves ahead. Flexibility is key, so consider what’s most important and get ready to fly.
Leo You may go back to school, or get offers to travel. If you haven’t already, the urge to create a blog may strike you. Whatever form your impulse to expand your mind takes, it is important for you to clarify any communications and do the work involved. Litigation may have twists and turns and an unpredictable outcome.
Virgo Sudden changes occur in your investments (good or bad/ roller-coaster). If you speculate, do it judiciously and with conservative advice. You may decide to study something occult (like astrology). You may embark on an unusual relationship (for you) or experience a sudden change in an intimate relationship.
Libra Expect the unexpected in relationships that are important to you. Your partner may need to move or get a job that demands new experiences. If you’re single, you may be drawn to different people than your history would indicate. A hired professional may be a maverick; this can be a positive or a negative, depending on the job.
Scorpio It’s time to create a new health or work routine. Although change is not always your favorite word, this time works best if it’s from your own desires. If you feel forced, turn it around to be your idea; look for ways that appeal to you. Pets can assert themselves in highly individualistic ways during this period.
Sagittarius Ah love, how erratic it can be. If you’re in a relationship, now is the time to try new things so it doesn’t feel old. If you’re not in a relationship, you may have partners who pop up and disappear overnight. The most solid will come from groups you share a common cause with or through a friend’s introduction. Highly creative time for people in the arts.
Capricorn You may move. There may be new people who come to live with you. Your children become teenagers. You redecorate. There are certainly changes in the household, probably instigated by some deep changes brewing within you.
Aquarius It’s time to get the message out, even if the publishing opportunity isn’t what you’d like. There is a force within you that demands you open your mouth. You may feel at times that what you say is inappropriate or not how you’d like it to be delivered, so the more effort you put into consistent dialog, the better. Siblings may surprise you.
Pisces Your personal money may fluctuate. When you have it, save it; when it’s lean, be cautious. This is the time for rock-solid investments and counsel. Go to networking groups to learn ways to invest and how money works, both from a classic financial perspective and a spiritual one. You have the ability to put them together successfully.