uranus square pluto_all_saints_dayForecast 11/1 Titled the Day of the Dead in Mexico, the Day of Remembrance in Hungary or All Saints Day; the beginning of November conjures connections with those who have passed the earthly plane. At this hallowed time, we are urged to listen to the whispers of our ancestors, both known and unknown.

This year we all benefit from reflection and remembering. November 1, 2013 has the Uranus/Pluto configuration exact in the sky. Uranus symbolizes change and the unexpected as well as new technology. Pluto symbolizes endings, death and transformation. Together they indicate inevitable shifts with long-lasting consequences.

This picture first gained momentum in 2011 but does not stop its dance until 2015. To note, it last occurred at the stirrings before WWII when countries coped with economic scarcity, shifts of power, xenophobia, technological experiments of epic proportion and the opportunity for a select few to rise to positions of power. Isolation is a breeding ground for inevitable conflict. Although monitored, the Internet does allow greater transparency than was possible during that time.

As the landmark center of this arc of transition, November 1 early morning at 6:30 AM ET presents tremendous potential for surprises. Yet nothing of real consequence may happen in your personal life depending on your natal horoscope; it may be up to you to invite positive possibilities- and they are out there!

A Mercury/Mars picture suggests many messages fly into awareness. Mercury, although retrograde, signifies interpersonal exchange and Mars, action. Communication gains laser intensity that can meet needs in partnership. This is a pivotal time for diplomacy. Cooperation is stronger than in the past. The Libran Sun ignites dynamic situations; expect the unexpected in the news.

Even with a sudden shake up or new point of view, the ability to reflect provides a balance in spite of strife.

It’s not an accident that Mercury is retrograde in the sign of Scorpio. We benefit from back of the room conversations, deep reflection and the power of personal meditation and prayer. When we live consciously, each individual has a hand in the big picture transformation.

A need to come together rules the day. If an upset occurs, reach out to community, friends and loved ones. It is possible to surpass any power struggles or tension if it doesn’t swallow you up; perspective is everything.

The overall theme of Uranus square Pluto, pits freedom/ individuality/ revolution at odds with power/ institutions/ status quo. This creates warring factions as some people become extremely conservative and/or extremely isolated. In another camp, people want to work together in community and break barriers. We see this all over the news with government shutdowns, TX and women, Syria, Sri Lanka, the mid-East and the Occupy movements. If we remember our history, dictators come into power by gathering people’s fears then overpower their sense of decency and humanity.

It is essential that we foster inclusiveness instead of the polarized groups that paralyze growth. This is not confined to countries in disagreement, or political groups, but industries, work environments and living situations. One person can have a greater impact than s/he may think.

How do you come to a place of peacefulness in this time of great transition?

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