Tuesday 12/1 Because of Moon oppose Venus in Taurus in the early AM, you may wake up with a “disconnect” between what you want and what you feel. If possible, try to carve some meditation time between 8:39 AM to 9:23 ET, even if you simply stare out a window with a cup of tea. Allow yourself some moments of detachment; it will refresh you immeasurably.
met roofIt is a highly creative day with great opportunities for spiritual transcendence. Although this may sound lofty (and unobtainable) it is really very simple. Your senses for sight and smell are heightened (which brings me back to the window with the tea) so even quiet moments of appreciation can “reboot” your soul.

Uranus goes station direct at 3:27 PM ET. This is potentially volatile or erratic energy, since it quickly intensifies the need for change and can break with the past. This may be a terrific release or an unexpected upset. Look to your horoscope at 22 Pisces to see where this shift occurs.

Venus enters Sagittarius at 5:04 pm: let the party season begin!

Metropolitan Museum/Roxy Paine: Maelstrom ©Cucinell