Energetically, this Valentine’s Day is not picture-perfect. Keep in mind that the goddess Venus had plenty of stories connected with her that were less than romantic (unless you’re using the word the way the Victorians did). Venus was the root of the trouble in Troy and nearly broke her son Eros‘ heart, simply because she was jealous of his beautiful love, Psyche. But Psyche braved the Underworld, so deep was her love. Then again, Venus was not a loyal wife, but perhaps monogamy was too great a limitation for such a goddess. So the goddess of love, Venus sometimes misses her mark.

This may be a brooding morning for anyone whose Valentine is not up to snuff (or non-existent).

Don’t let loneliness upset a perfectly good day, whether you’re in a relationship or not. It may not feel like it, but loneliness is a choice; being alone can be a rich experience. Plan an activity in the evening that emphasizes the fact that any love worth having has a huge dollop of respect connected with it.

It all starts with self-respect, so put on some Aretha and rent some movies or go to the cinema to drift into another world. Even if you do have a dream date, lighten the pressure and lower your expectations. You’ll both have a better time.

The important thing is to truly love yourself and appreciate what you have. Sending you best wishes and blessings for a beautiful day. What’s your Valentine gift to you?

Moon is VOC* from 12:04 pm to 7:56 pm ET.
Once the moon enters Sagittarius, it’s time to get out of your way (and anyone else who tromps by). Don’t get caught up in petty conversation; everything looks even better in the morning.