OK, maybe I’m taking “Sleevegate” a bit further than need be, but I spend a lot of time looking at symbolic messages.  I have been struck by the official picture of Michelle Obama and by the reaction of editorialist David Brooks to her fashion sense.

Maureen Dowd (a lover of stiletto heels I’ve noticed on TV interviews) offered Brooks up to be “hoist by his own petard” on this, and it has taken on a life of its own as my colleague at AstrologyMundo, Monica Starr points out.

Monica and I had a lively discussion on AstroChatter Radio about this and I’ve quickly caught up on the articles I’d missed. Monica tends to speak highly of Michelle (its Capricorn respect) and I’m struck how, even more than her husband, this woman strikes a deep cord with the American people.

Michelle’s Sun is on the U.S. Pluto (our shadow, the part of ourselves we have trouble looking at sometimes and yet, we know its there). Her North Node in Cancer is very close to the U. S. Sun, so she is vibrant and a force as the First Lady, and we must be ready for this (it is a karmic connection).

What is in my head, however (art background apparent) is the visual statement in her elegant arms.

I have flanked her picture with the Hindu goddess Kali, to represent the transformational power in imagery of a woman with strong arms. Kali is no armless vessel whose purpose is only to carry and feed progeny.

willendorfgoddess2I include this image of an ancient fertility goddess (Willendorf) to highlight the different perception of female power in a many-armed woman.

The famous Venus di Milo at the Louvre, has captivated art lovers for years in spite (or because of) her lack of arms. But is her specialness partly because of her inability to embrace? The appreciation of the lovely female form with no ability to fend for herself?

Clearly, this is not the representation of Michelle Obama that is out there.

Why has David Brooks comments about her physical appropriateness as First Lady thrown him in an unfavorable light (aside from it being absurd)? Brooks is a stellium in Leo (8/11/1961), and like many Leos/Aquariuses (including the Obamas) he was hit by the eclipses early this year. But I think transiting Saturn (limitation, responsibility, fear) coming to his Mars (libido, desire, drive) is what has undermined his stature.

He needs to re-think his motivations and with his natal Virgo Mars he may truly believe in doing work of service. With all his Leo energy, ego can trip him up to miss his true goals. It might be time to take a lesson from Michelle and satisfy that Virgo Mars with regular trips to the gym. With the stumbling of the Republican party, his own arms may be feeling somewhat tied, making her beautiful unfettered ones, all the more galling.