Friday 4/17 The morning has a Capricorn moon and sets the tone for practical application. Get your shopping done early; bargains are to be had. Follow-up, follow-through and meet all tasks head-on.

The moon goes void-of-course at 12:42 pm ET which allows you to clean and organize your desk, make lists and plan. Try to avoid starting anything major during this time. Instead recharge in whatever way makes you feel taken care of physically. Go to the gym, go for a walk, get a massage.

The moon enters Aquarius at 2:19 pm ET and you may feel an energy surge around this time. Emails, phone calls and beepers are active. This is a highly creative weekend for networking, writing and inspired ideas.

Venus goes direct at 3:24 pm ET, ending a highly challenging several weeks for many people. Put away the old journals, albums and love letters. Time to go out and meet new people, buy that special purchase you’ve been holding off on and make decisions on redecorating if you like. Now that Venus is direct, you’re much less likely to experience buyer’s remorse or second thoughts.