Dreams may be particularly vivid and when you wake, make a note to see what’s going on at 11:07 am when Venus goes direct.

Observe the women around you, what you see, and if there’s any discussion, symbol or appearance of money. Notice the news on these subjects. These are clues or signals of what may be happening for you in the coming weeks.

Although we’re still in the shadow of the retrograde until July 31, Venus is now retracing her steps in a forward motion. So you may pick up something that had gone astray or re-work a presentation.

Whatever comes back up in the areas of relationship, money and creativity is on its way out or ready for integration. Whatever you decide, you are moving decisively now and decisions made with integrity and thoughtfulness are poised for excellent results. If you’ve been waiting to move a property (or unable to) the ability to make that happen is on the upswing.

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