My practice shows me daily that Freud got it right: the two most popular topics discussed in private sessions are Love & Work. Yes, Money is mentioned frequently, but more as a factor in either Love or Work than as a singular raison d’être. The only other topic that comes up regularly in an astrology or tarot session is Health, and although I can look at it in a symbolic context, it is important for a client who has this as a concern to always consult a medical practitioner.

River Couple ©Cucinell 2009

However, matters of the heart and of meaningful work are topics I address without hestitation. Your life’s purpose and drive to relate is indicated in your horoscope, and auspicious times for realization of these impulses can be determined.

Where Venus was positioned in the sky when you were born, tells me what and who attracts you. It also suggests what you do to attract attention, both welcome and uninvited. Venus shows what features you find valuable in a mate, friend or possession.

Mars on the other hand, indicates your passions and what drives you. Your Venus and Mars signs may be perfectly comfortable with one another. For instance, if you have Venus in Gemini, you are attracted to new things and playful dialog. You like change and to learn new things. If you have Mars in Libra, another air sign, you are excited by conversation and sharing activities with someone, like movies or shopping.

But what if you have Venus in Taurus and Mars in Aquarius? Taurus likes comforts and textures and dining. Aquarius likes the unusual and perhaps edgy. When you have different signals flashing in what you want and what actually “turns you on”, life can either be confusing or stimulating or at times both. You may attract a partner who fills one need but misses on the chemistry.

The ideal solution is to know yourself well, so you can understand what you seek in another person and what you must find in yourself.

When you know someone’s Venus and Mars and how it mixes with your own, you are better equipped in understanding what s/he can give you and what you’ll need to supply for yourself. A partner’s purpose is not to complete you but to enhance and appreciate the unique person you are.