Barack Obama has declared Joe Biden his VP running mate and Venus comes into opposition to Uranus in the sky today. Biden has this aspect in his natal horoscope. Using the 8:30 am time for 11/20/1942, it straddles his Ascendant/Descendant.

Monica Starr and I were discussing on AstroChatter Radio that Biden could be the Saturn (older statesman, corporate connections from Delaware) to Obama’s Uranus influence (change, upstart) with the Saturn/Uranus opposition in the sky around the election. But since he is declared with this energy around him activating his natal horoscope, it seems Biden may somehow attract discord. He may not be the cause of it, but the results could be the same.

He is not a stranger to debate and controversy involving what comes out of his mouth. Obama may in the end project a more temperate presidential image, with Biden as his Scorpionic pit bull.  With all the buzz about the Clintons planning a coup at the DNC, Biden was born with a Scorpio stellium and can go the distance (ideally Obama will be able to let him know when to let go of the bone).

Since Hillary’s birthtime is not verified, Uranus could be hovering near her Moon in Pisces. This promises to be an interesting few days; let’s hope in the end it’s for the best interest of the country and not a “who does Mommy love best!” tantrum.

For more in-depth reflection, check out Monica’s take on Biden.