Venus Retrograde The lady doesn’t get as much press as the Trickster (Mercury) when retrograde. But that doesn’t mean that awareness to her backward dance isn’t important. Consider what areas of life we astrologers link to Venus: relating, creativity, valuables, beauty, the arts, finances… have I got your attention?

Mercury is the Trickster, but Venus is capricious. Although much attention is given to her status as the goddess of love, she also didn’t think past what she wanted. She needed to be adored and was spiteful when she wasn’t considered the most beautiful.

When Venus is retrograde, it’s a longer period than Mercury, this time it is 6 weeks starting March 6 and going direct April 17. She is now in the sign of Aries, but will dip back into Pisces before her motion again turns forward. If you were born with Venus retrograde, you may feel particularly “on” during this period, as though the rest of the world finally is valuing things you do.

You may notice a lot of “cold feet” as people hesitate over things they used to be passionate about.

On the other hand, you may re-evaluate something you had put on ice: a lover, a project or an investment. Re-mortgaging may mushroom. You may experience delays in areas of finance (oh no!) and it is never advisable to begin a business at this time.

Cosmetic surgery, consultations with designers, major makeovers are all areas you may want to push back to a later date. Old friends and lovers often resurface when Venus is retrograde.

Since Venus is in Aries (she’s got her red dress on) any delays that you find frustrating, will most likely push ahead with fire in late April.  Keep in mind however, that you’re being asked to consider the intrinsic value of your commitments. Ideally, when Venus is direct you will be much more sure of where you put your money and heart.