Venus goes retrograde at 3:06 am ET. Let’s start with some broad strokes about what this traditionally indicates. Venus is the planet associated with love, money, fashion, taste and wealth. Venus retrograde is not considered a good time for makeovers, cosmetic surgery or home design changes.

There may be less of a focus on aesthetics, so this would not be a time to present new designs or introduce a new artist. People do get married with Venus Retrograde, but you would want to choose a good day. If you are planning a big purchase or investment, remember the “re” in any retrograde…. research, re-evaluate and review.

Relationships especially with women may be measured or new insight appears. A serious tone can intensify or demolish a relationship; so expect a deepening of some and a deleting of others. It is also common for an old lover or friend to re-surface, so you may be in for a Facebook surprise. Taking that into account, you may also want to glance in the mirror before you run out for that quart of milk.

Since it begins its retrograde in the sign of Scorpio, this intensifies the need to check investments and “watch your back”. Scorpio increases dynamic conversations and intense attachments for people who like to REALLY connect. Mars (desire/action) is right on her tail, but just as he catches up with her, she turns retrograde. From our perspective here on Earth, the Lady steps away from continued involvement. You may notice a lack of commitment, in relationships and in any kind of investments.

Since Jupiter (fortune/opportunity/wisdom) has been retrograde since 9/1, this simply is not a time to embark on a new business. If you must begin a new enterprise, it would behoove you to choose the most auspicious time through astrological guidance.

For instance, classic astrology frowns on weddings during Venus retrograde, but it really does depend on the individuals horoscopes. It’s certainly an excellent time to renew vows.

The ideal is to use this time to review your financial business plan, renew old contacts, re-evaluate decisions and remember what your priorities are.

This period of caution continues through 11/18 (although we don’t leave the “shadow” until 12/20).

But back to 10/8- if you jot down a “to do” in the early morning, the odds are in your favor that you will get it done. Keep in mind, however, the moon is VOC* from 9:38 am to 3:52 pm ET, so plan to finish up and organize. Initiate projects once the moon enters Scorpio, while keeping in mind the parameters of the Venus retrograde.

Plan to spend the evening with someone you really love to spend time with… and that may be simply time with yourself!

*Moon VOC/Void-of-Course: Avoid signing contracts, investing in a big purchase or beginning new projects or important conversations. Perfect time for clearing away clutter, finishing up loose ends, meditating or following serendipity. The “mood” of the period will be colored by the sign it is in… in Libra, enjoy a museum, music, dance. It may be lovely to be with someone you love as long as you don’t initiate any major discussions.