Forecast 2/25 For those of you who looked for the Mercury Retrograde link on Saturday… this click should work!

There may be a tremendous need to do today; keep it within reason. Small tasks lead to big accomplishments but only if you know when to move on from them. The Virgo Full Moon occurs at 3:26 p.m. ET.

This is a rather stressful Full Moon indicating choices must be made. All voices must be heard and considered which is why tunnel vision is a trap to be avoided.

The Mercury retrograde adds to the confusion; don’t make any firm commitments if possible.

standingdancersketchThe Sabian Symbols** are “First dancing instruction” for the Moon and “A girl blowing a bugle” for the Sun.

Once again, Ceres in Gemini is prominent in the chart of the Full Moon, showing the emphasis on the nurturing of children in decisions.

This is not only the global/national reality of actual children and their promise, but of your own “inner child”. People with strong Virgo in their horoscope have a youthful presence and this is because they are in touch with curiosity and starting fresh. WAF-bugler

Stoke that flame within at this Full Moon. Bend to the needs of youthful expectation and you won’t be disappointed.

Venus enters Pisces at 9:03 p.m. ET, beginning a cycle of creative exploration, financial intuition and fantasy; how easily you swim with this depends on your natal horoscope.

** We are still in the process of understanding the Sabian symbols, which were channeled in 1925. The spiritualist astrologer Marc Edmund Jones, took Elsie Wheeler, a clairvoyant confined to a wheelchair to a San Diego park with a project. He put a symbol for each of the 360∞ of the zodiacal wheel on 360 cards. She proceeded to come up with visual phrases for each one of them. They were done in random order and they have a magic that is hard to decipher, yet feels totally right.