Monday 6/8 The early bird does get the worm today; send important emails, calls and business overtures in motion before 9:51 am ET when the moon goes VOC. This leaves an afternoon ripe for tidying up, making lists and discarding what has outlived its use. Implement Freecycle and pass it on or make bags for charity. Emphasize generosity today. When you can give away you will feel easier about “letting go”.

A Venus – Pluto picture may heighten passion and/or the need for resources. Wealth is available if you open up to it (you gotta believe it to receive it).

It may be tempting to think so, but no one has to take (love or money) from someone else in order to have enough.

The moon slips into Capricorn at 4 pm ET, which may indicate a more temperate mood. Some nights nothing satisfies more than a simple meal at home and this is one of them.