Yesterday the moon was void of course, most of the day… which means the moon made no geometric aspects to any planet from early morning until it entered the next sign after 5 pm. Since the moon symbolizes emotions, when it is void (VOC) there is not a lot of emotional attachment or clarity swimming around.

As a result, it’s very useful for some things, like cleaning, organizing, discarding clutter, and for certain tunnel-vision tasks (as my web-designer, Suzanne Bird Harris has discovered).

But you certainly want to avoid starting anything, as I told a colleague who was considering a new venture yesterday. You can plan it, but know you’ll probably be discarding ideas rather than finding solutions; discuss it, but don’t make any decisions,

I was going to swing by a store to pick up some clothes for my daughter; it was on the way. But I reminded myself, the odds were I wouldn’t find anything suitable, the lines would be frustrating and she’d want to return whatever I bought. So I happily went on with my work instead. Purchases are famous for bringing on “buyer’s remorse” with a VOC. Schedule car repair for another time.

Instead of errands, give yourself some meditation or respite if possible. Avoid appointments with doctors, lawyers, accountants, etc. Appointments with psychics or astrologers can be fruitful however, because when the moon is VOC, those who are comfortable with their intuition can really fly.