Friday 4/3 A void-of-course moon most of the day suggests an opportunity for discarding files, old letters and whatever you might usually have trouble releasing. If you haven’t mailed your tax forms, and you don’t want to hear from the IRS with any follow-up, this is a good time to post/email them.

A Venus Pluto picture may trigger emotional issues, especially about money, love or power. How and where it hits you will have to do with factors in your personal horoscope; those born early in the signs of Aries, Cancer, Capricorn or Libra may be particularly affected.

The moon enters Leo at 3:32 pm EST, inviting play and the pleasures of an early weekend. A Moon Venus picture in the evening indicates the strong possibility of harmonious connections and the pleasure of company. Plan a dinner with friends as elegant and/or playful as you’d like and you won’t be disappointed.