I’d like to say I’ve had my Uranus/Saturn experience for Election Day, but the odds are there is more to come. Disruptions and confrontations with authority and the impulse for the status quo to change are all possible scenarios today.

My daughter was very anxious about going to school today. This was because voting would be taking place there and she would have trouble entering since she’s on crutches with a broken foot (yes, she is one of those lucky people experiencing this transit personally- actually, my whole family is).

Uranus (unexpected) wreaks havoc on Saturn (structure). Bones may be broken, teeth fall apart, companies reconstruct.

I don’t know why, but the schools are open today here in New York. The educators have it set up in a semi-lockdown so they can ensure the kids safety.

When we got to her school, the principal had told us to go through a door that was blocked by the voter registration people. They had taped a flag across it and when I suggested they temporarily move it for my daughter, it caused a small domestic crisis. I am happy to report the hall was swamped with voters, but I had to take my daughter through the masses while she fretted behind me, certain she was going to get in trouble.

People respectfully parted and let us through and when I got to the classroom area, we worked out a plan with a teacher to pick her up in a less stressful way. No guarantees on this, but I’m confident I can figure it out. We Aquarians are used to this tug of war with Saturn and Uranus. They are the planets connected to our sign.

Of course, there are all different kinds of Aquarians and how they would approach a situation like I described may be different. The world will be watching Obama (Aquarius rising) and Sarah Palin (Aquarius Sun) today and how they navigate the energies. But right now my next concern is taking my Aquarian mother-in-law to vote (and I might bring along a folding chair).