Forecast 10/4 Don’t force anything in the early morning, except perhaps yourself getting out of bed on time. The Moon is VOC* at 3:44 a.m. ET through 7:47 a.m.

At this time the moon enters Gemini, and you may notice an energetic shift. News may come through or someone reaches out and forces you to snap into focus. Yet it may be a bit of a struggle to feel totally “on” until mid-morning, especially if you’re a Gemini or Sagittarius.

Once the fog clears you may realize that more came together than you’d originally thought. Get clear on the difference between what you want and what you need; the two verbs may lead to separate results.

It’s important to determine which is more important. This can manifest in a head-butting with someone you value. The disagreement might be what needs to be considered- what’s more important? Compromise, acquiescing or unyielding desire?

Jupiter goes retrograde today through January 30, 2013.

When Jupiter is retrograde, you may be more reflective especially if by nature your tendency is more impulsive. People often decide they need to study something or delve deeper into something taken for granted. Since this occurs at the last breath of Saturn in Libra, it picks up the baton of acting with integrity in relationships. As we move into Saturn in Scorpio tomorrow, the retrograde Jupiter reinforces the mood for stripping down to the truth.

The # 1 thing to avoid when Jupiter is retrograde is launching or starting a new business. It certainly is a time to revisit something already in motion to make sure it has the resources it needs to succeed.
The evening is well poised for unexpected conversations or exciting ideas… a great time to be with lively people.

* Moon VOC/Void-of-Course… in Taurus, relaxation is demanded. You can try to accomplish a big task, but that couch looks awfully inviting. Give in and let yourself enjoy a leisurely lunch and your productivity will increase afterwards.