Clearly Senator Obama has no understanding of the transits John McCain is undergoing right now. Transiting Uranus (rebellion) has come to the exact point Saturn (limitation) was at on his birth. This is not comfortable! No wonder the guy is a moving target… if he stays still he will implode.

In the chart for 9 am 8/29/1936 at Cocosolo, Panama, this action is taking place in his 6th house (work, health). It is a HUGE reason any voter should look carefully at his VP because with the erratic energy of Uranus just starting to go through this house, McCain will not show a great deal of consistency in work and health. Often people change jobs in this transit unless they’re giving a great deal of freedom. I don’t think the presidency is a job with a lot of freedom, no matter how free-wheeling W seemed to have appeared at times.

Since the aspect is exact today, it is highly possible Obama will be on the stage alone tonight. It is also possible McCain will come in with a great deal of disruption. This continues the theme of the Saturn/Uranus aspects that will be so pivotal in this election (structure vs. chaos, old guard vs. change, age vs. youth)

McCain is a Virgo, and Mercury retrogrades are particularly discombobulating to Virgos. But in his horoscope it activates his first house (with the transit of Mars as well). Since Venus is transiting on his Pallas, I think he truly believes the right move was to be at the hearings. He needs to be in action right now. If you look at pictures of him before he arrived in D.C. and look at him now, he looks calmer, his eyes (another Mercury symbol) are even and rested (instead of one drooping). It is very important that he responds to where Uranus wants him to be during this transit, or he will make himself sick.

It seems highly likely he will play it both ways; having run to the “rescue” on Capitol Hill and returning in time to debate Obama. Tonight’s moon in Virgo is exactly on McCain’s Sun at the time the debate is scheduled to begin. It appears the mood of the people may be sympathetic to McCain.

Since Obama has Pluto (power) at the same degree, (6 Virgo) he must be very masterful in walking the line of respect for McCain’s response to be at Capitol Hill while stroking the public’s need for a presidential candidate who is present in negotiations and not simply wearing a title.