Sunday 12/21 At 7:04 EST, the Sun enters 0 degrees Capricorn, heralding the shortest day of the year. Historically this day is celebrated with candles and lights to fend off the closing darkness. This year the symbolism encourages taking an active stance, so instead of quiet contemplation you may find yourself planning strategies.

You may feel thwarted in your desire to push forward. Patience is key. Because of the position of Pluto and Mars on this day, it is essential to use temperance while at the same time having a healthy outlet for any frustration that may build. Because this is the solstice, it will have an energetic effect for a few months. You can utilize this for ritual and intention work, and be conscious of what concrete plans you want to bring into action this season.

A void of course moon in the afternoon can make you feel like nothing goes as planned. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have some lovely exchanges with people along the way. The moon enters Scorpio in the evening so plan to spend the evening with an intimate friend or a juicy mystery novel.