mayan_templeThe Astrology of the Winter Solstice 2012 and Birth Day, 12/22/2012

Much has been written about the Solstice’s line up with the Galactic Center of the Milky Way. This is conceptually compelling but astronomically unsubstantiated. Nonetheless, we are at a point that occurs roughly every 26,000 years and our Universal Unconscious’ need for a mythology about this time created a date for it.

Arguably, the Galactic Center alignment that was the catalyst for consciousness evolution occurred when Pluto (the god of the Underworld-and symbolic of transformation/endings) hit that point in the sky in 2004. Although this happens about every 264 years, the relationships of all the other heavenly bodies around Pluto were unique. Perhaps this was our initiation and the opening to consciously create. However, the world seems more polarized than ever. The antidote for this separation is integration.

Once Pluto entered Capricorn (the sign of status quo) in 2008, our economy fell apart. Since then, we see a blindsided desire to hold on to what has been. Nonetheless, all obsolete purpose is ebbing. As corporate structures groan against the inevitable, Uranus (signifying change/revolution) in Aries (the pioneer) suggests new vistas and possibilities. It’s time for irrevocable change, as well as acceptance of responsibility and the true new age. This is not passive energy; it demands accountability and decisive steps.

Even though there is a symbolically confrontational configuration now between Pluto and Uranus -this kind of energy demands action. Working with it leads to better results than fighting against it. A harmonious connection to Venus supports this. When gathering in community we stoke the mandate “do it” and not sit idly by.

Mars (symbol of action/desire) is in workmanlike Capricorn with an uncomfortable lock on Ceres (the Great Mother). This suggests that the needs of the outside world are a bit lost to the corporate model. In other words, business and government cannot force how we feel and in the end, what we create.
As an individual and a community, it’s time for change, acceptance of responsibility and new horizons.

demeterThe goddess with her many faces (such as Ceres) is positioned prominently in the solstice horoscope.

The goddess is one of the oldest terms for spiritual connection with the earth. It is the word that signifies a recognition that the Earth is our mother and we are part of her bio-logical rhythm. The goddess is also strongly positioned in the alignment of the asteroid Juno with the Sun.

Juno signifies the commingling of opposites; to the Greeks and Romans, she was the goddess of partnerships and marriage.

But her essence, in her purity as Great Goddess, is that she signifies the sacred marriage: the coniunctio in alchemy. Coniunctio is the union of divine spirit with the soul in the vessel of the body.

Since often in our day-to-day lives the spirit, soul and body are separated from each other, Juno is a reminder that connection to the divine spirit is the ultimate integration.

More on the Solstice to come!

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