Rhea and Saturn

Today I reflected on my personal experience through Saturn in Libra in the early 1980’s, which motivated me to find the post I’d written at the beginning of its journey.

I had just married.  My ex-husband and I were examples of those who feel compelled to force the contract, as though a legal marriage could make up for what lacked in spiritual union.

If you’re under this kind of pressure, you might want to reconsider. It is true however, that to pull the plug probably won’t be a quick fix. I don’t believe the pain I experienced when my first marriage ended would have been less without the contract, but it certainly would have cost less financially.

My continual reminder of not taking the responsibility Saturn symbolized for me at the time is a social security record of $0 income for the first year of that marriage. That means my ex-husband probably has a reflection of our combined incomes on his social security record. Is it worth the effort to try to get it rectified? Most likely not. But every time that statement comes it reminds me of the cost of trying to force intimacy.

Because the year of the $0 was the year Saturn went into Scorpio… yes, Saturn is always somewhere, and just because it leaves Libra (which has been all about integrity in relationships) doesn’t mean that you can now relax. The hard part about not having owned up to  responsibility in relationship when Saturn is in Libra, is that when it goes into Scorpio- it’s time to pay.

I will write more about this later, but when I was a young woman and Saturn was in Libra, I was hell-bent to cement my commitment with my boyfriend. Unfortunately, he went through the motions for the ceremony, and I deluded myself in thinking this was a long-term agreement.

It wasn’t long before the cold truth revealed itself with the onset of Saturn in Scorpio. Our ultimate goals and belief systems were so different that the marriage could not hold. In other words, the foundation of the relationship had to be rock-solid to endure the tests through Scorpio.

This time Saturn in Libra has been a lot about partnership for me, with colleagues and clients and of course, my husband. Every time Saturn touches an area of life, ideally you learn more about yourself as you step up to your fears. Saturn transits always show us where we are lacking in responsibility to ourselves and what haunts us.

Saturn in Libra is not necessarily the death toll to all relationships- quite the contrary. In the news, the young Royals are flushed from photos of Kate sunbathing on a private terrace with her husband, William. This couple married with Saturn in Libra, a contract they both went into with eyes wide open.

A testimony to their closeness is how well they are standing up to this unwelcome exposure, on the eve of their visit to countries where women are veiled and modest. Nonetheless, at the last pass through Libra we see their privacy compromised, which will most likely deepen their relationship and strengthen the facade they present to the outer world.

Saturn leaves Libra on October 5, 2012.. not to return until 2041!

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