Forecast 11/6 Why a photo of Lincoln? I like the way he looks in this one. Like he’s about to stand up and do something. Anyone who’s ever spent some time at this memorial knows it was worth the public funds to build it. When my brother lived in DC one of our favorite things to do was go to the memorials at night… they were often empty. His favorite was Jefferson’s, mine was Lincoln’s- not a judgement on presidents but on locations- but I digress…..

The Leo moon on Election Day promises theatrics and a high level of entertainment (not necessarily fun: King Lear is entertainment).

Mercury goes retrograde at 6:04 p.m. ET. When a planet appears to go backward or forward from Earth’s perspective, it seems temporarily frozen in position, or “stations”. The only other time in U.S. history when this occurred on Election Day was in 2000, when the controversial contest in FL focused on the disparity of the popular and electoral vote and brought up the concern of voter fraud.

In 2000 the “station” occurred because Mercury was turning direct- going forward. Although many people may not feel that we have been “going forward” since Election 2000, that election did unearth flaws that prevent fairness. Many things in the United States have changed since our world became digital. Election 2000 may have felt like a mistake to some, but we could also consider that it created an opportunity to correct a situation that was spiraling out of control. Although I can’t say that has successfully happened, I can make the observation that to have another station just 12 years later deepens the mandate to pay attention.

Vote early… it’s a mantra for this election.

Today in the U.S., we are under the Mercury “station” as it turns retrograde. We have an opportunity to go back and correct whatever is not fair or does not truly communicate the will of the people. Although some people have a fatalistic point of view concerning voting, there is absolutely no merit in passivity.

A sense of optimism prevails and your best course is to vote with the trust of a child and the wisdom of your experience. The only U.S. citizens who are cavalier about their voting rights are those who were born to them; anyone who has immigrated to the States from a more restrictive government takes the privilege with the utmost respect.

Mercury retrograde suggests that those who don’t traditionally vote may step forward in spite of what all the spin may say. Vote early because this is a highly charged day with a great deal of loud voices.

Some thoughts on some of our national presidential candidates

Voting aside, creative projects, risks and activities with children are well poised when you’ve done your homework to avoid any communication glitches.

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