This is going to be a relatively brief look at a very important election.

First let’s start with the chart itself for Election Day 2012: Mercury goes retrograde at 6:04 pm ET in the sign of Sagittarius. Mercury symbolizes communications, youth, commutation and electronics. Typically when it “stations” (turns either to forward or backward motion from our perspective here on Earth), signals get crossed. The only other time Mercury stationed on Election Day in the history of the U.S. was 2000. Many people are concerned that this signifies an election with potential for voting mishaps.

However, this does not necessarily follow. One might also conclude that 12 years later is an opportunity to go over everything carefully. The horoscope of the birth of the U.S. shows a Mercury retrograde… so perhaps this is simply a jumpstart of the Pluto return that we will have in 2022- growing pains of knowledge.

More interesting than Mercury’s hijinks, is the planet Jupiter is also retrograde (as it was in 2000 in the same sign of Gemini). This emphasizes the wisdom that can be gleaned from thoughtful research and reflection. Jupiter retrograde however, indicates a sense of closed opportunities and holding back. On the other hand, at 9 pm when the polls close on the east coast, Uranus (symbolizing disruption and change) is at the highest point in the sky. This is one of the indicators of an upset. It does show a great deal of strife, with under the surface dealings. Vote early.

Mitt Romney From the beginning, I have felt Romney’s biggest problem is that he makes no connections with the USA horoscope. Although that may not sound like a reason to lose an election, if you consider that a country’s horoscope is basically the profile of its people, then you might see how this can be an issue.

Look at it this way- if a client asks me about a guy she’s met and the birth information doesn’t indicate any chemistry… what are the odds of them getting together? This is Romney’s problem with the U.S. horoscope. He does not have any earth element in his makeup, something the U.S. chart benefits from in a leader. There is no doubt he has an excellent chart for business and a true gift for illusion and television. I can imagine him, like Sarah Palin before him, carving a place for himself in media while maintaining his strict need for privacy.

Nonetheless, if Mitt is your man, by all means vote for him (although my guess is you are not indicative of most of my readers). The sheer numbers of people who vote and what their choices are, makes a huge impact this year.


Barack Obama I am not going to write much about our president at this time. In 2008, before I had his birthtime, I wrote this article.  If it interests you, you’re certainly welcome to read the whole thing, or just skim the last couple of paragraphs. This president has spent 4 years of a term during what I dubbed then was not the best time for him- although I did forecast that he would win.

Unlike Romney, Obama does have some strong connections to the U.S. horoscope. One could say his presidency is a karmic relationship for him and his country. Anyone who has ever been in a karmic relationship knows that they are not always a cakewalk. One of the many connections to the U.S. horoscope that Obama has is his Virgo Mars linked to the U.S. Neptune (spirit) and its Mercury in Virgo Retrograde. His drive and desire triggers our soul. But the soul of this country has wounds that conflict with its self-image. As we continue our journey through Pluto (transformation) in Capricorn (institutions), President Obama has been an agent for change, although not in the high-minded ways he’d originally hoped.

Perhaps the hardest hurdle this president has is the fact of his skin color. Because of who is physically is, he has unearthed an uncomfortable shadow for this country that he has continued to approach with workman-like aplomb. Many unprejudiced people don’t consider this. On one hand, it’s good they view him as just a man, but they get frustrated by his seeming lack of drive. I don’t point this out as an excuse but as a reality. It’s as though one man is trying to close the invisible divide. Obama is continually digging through a pile of manure that a white president simply would not have in his path. Although losing this election would sting, it would also be a relief. As Saturn makes its climb towards his midheaven, I don’t think he’s getting the relief. I think most voters will decide he can continue this job.

My hope is that if Barack Obama accepts his second term that he puts that Virgo Mars in full throttle. With Saturn in Scorpio, it certainly is possible. The country can weather changes as we grapple with the fears that keep us from realizing our vision; it is stagnancy and indecisiveness that will be our undoing.

So go vote- and vote early!  

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