dark-night_w725_h544What happens at the New Moon?

At the New Moon, we know that the night is dark without the Moon’s shine, so we see stars with great clarity. Since ancient times, groups gather and individuals mark this time as one of new beginnings.

From the Farmer’s Almanac: in discussing the lunar cycle, Pliny the Elder, the first-century Roman naturalist, stated in his Natural History that the Moon “replenishes the earth; when she approaches it, she fills all bodies, while, when she recedes, she empties them.”

Your business and personal life can enjoy the same benefits from attention to the lunar cycle as can your garden. Start projects, forge relationships and plant ideas during the first two weeks as the moon waxes to full.

Write down 3 things you intend to do in the upcoming lunar cycle. It is even more powerful when the goals are related to the sign of the moon.

writingList of 3 intentions for the New Moon-

1. something you can easily accomplish (like to catch up with a friend or do your laundry)

2. another that you’re in the middle of and want to cover ground on (a health routine or project)

3. and the third can be a bit of a stretch (travel destination or to take concrete steps to bring in a new relationship or a new job)

You may not be able to do more than plan on the third thing or simply dream, but it still matters to write it down.

You can have more things on your “to do” list, but only choose 3  for your New Moon power goals. Winnow down the list to make achievement possible. To accomplish goals builds confidence.

Make your New Moon goals now but if possible, hold off on taking action until after the New Moon.  Details on the Scorpio New Moon.

Action taken in early October gleans excellent results. Plant your seeds of intention for now.

For general guidelines to make the most of any New Moon….