voteElection Day 2016—

I have never been silent in forecasting an election, but this one has been so toxic. Keeping a spiritual perspective requires breath, meditation and an inherent trust in the process.

Not in the election process (which obviously needs to undergo change) but in the inevitability of upheaval, reevaluation and growth.

I did forecast that Trump does not really want the job as president. A president needs to sit through boring meetings and listen. Diplomacy and attention to the customs of another nation is essential.

trump1Trump wants to do things he wants to do so I thought he would get bored and drop out— instead we watch him spin a platform for himself that he will continue long after the election is over.

Since Saturn comes to his natal full moon point in December, it indicates that 2017 will be a reckoning year for him. More on this on prior post 

I am no longer young, but I respect and reflect the optimism of youth. A society is endangered when youth feel hopeless or disenfranchised. On the other hand, when youth are polarized against the elders because they reject the status quo, the generations do not learn from one another.

The U.S. economy has traditionally driven most of its products towards youth. What most industries failed to consider however, was how the internet could be used to communicate in unprecedented ways. It’s not simply the under-30 folks who use the internet to swap, barter, support and crowdsource. It does however require a person who is comfortable breaking out of the “system” or what Bernie Sanders referred to in ‘60s lingo as “the Establishment”. This is why it’s so important to protect the freedom of speech in the internet, even though it’s hard to safeguard.

The disparity of the vision of youth and change agents against a lugubrious government machine has weighted many countries for decades.

elec-2016As a U.S. citizen and an astrologer, I recognize that our government is one of the institutions that must change as Pluto continues its run through Capricorn. This election happens with Pluto at 15° Capricorn, in the middle of its cycle through that sign.

The U.S. experiences its first Pluto Return in 2020 (when Pluto is back at the degree it was at the country’s birth in 1776).

One feels this inevitable shift for a long time before it hits. Nobody wants to go through a Pluto transit. If you have had a Pluto transit, (meaning for example, that Pluto hit the point of your Sun, Moon or Rising Sun) then you experienced a loss you could not control. It might have been a death, illness, job termination, divorce or financial disaster.

When we go through a Pluto transit, we are brought to our knees. The only way out is through. Polls indicate that the majority of voters don’t like either candidate— a resistance to irrevocable transformation. Whoever wins the election, the U.S. still faces its Pluto Return. The U.S.A. will experience huge shifts in economy and the self-identification of a nation.

Read the post I’d made in 2008, to see where this transit brings us. 

Life is not a movie; the ending cannot be manipulated to sum up a happy or peaceful ending in a designated time. This seemingly endless election season has been painful, frightening, disturbing, distasteful and numbing.

Yet I remain optimistic. I truly believe that the majority of humans are kind and evolve towards higher consciousness. But that doesn’t mean that we won’t continue to be pulled down into episodes of “retro-darkness”.

easy-buttonEach day, every moment, you make decisions about how your mind is set. You can purchase the “Easy” button at Staples but it doesn’t change anything. After the initial chuckle, it becomes just one more piece of plastic, gathering dust.

The changes our world must go through will not be easy, because many cling to the old ways as though their very survival depends on it.

There is truth in their fear; depending on what they cling to, it is the end of the world as they know it. Change requires growth.

Now that we’re here, here’s my forecast.

I cast the chart for the U.S. Election Day at 9 PM in Washington DC. Even though voting continues throughout the time zones, the capital is the seat of government and as its doors close, it has a symbolic charge.

Astrologers debate the right time to view the Election Day chart; this is the time/place I use. Just as variable is to look at a candidate’s horoscope when we don’t have the birth time. We know Donald Trump’s but Hillary Clinton’s time is not verified. After I discuss the 11/8 chart, in another post, I will look at the one for Inauguration Day 2017. That time is always noon to mirror the height of the sun.

The morning of Election Day has an Aquarius Moon (same as the U.S.’s Moon is in its horoscope). This indicates a vigorous morning for votes.

The Moon changes sign into Pisces — symbolizing more idealism and/or blocks to why it’s too hard, depending on on person’s general state of mind.

Whoever wins faces a continual lack of love from those who lost (or didn’t vote). The position of Neptune (which symbolizes how we are all connected) indicates a tendency to escape, blame, deny and feel victimized.

voteThe mobilization of female energy seems very dynamic in this horoscope. Ceres, the harvest goddess is in line with Uranus, symbol of change and freedom. Venus is in the 6th house (signifying the people) and she is in harmonious aspect with Uranus.

Mars is in the 7th house (which can show an aggressive/ leadership relationship with other countries— Note: Mars is in this position of the U.S. horoscope). What’s significant about the Mars is that it’s at 29° Capricorn, about to change signs.

One could argue this is a change in party, but with the strong aspects of the feminine in the horoscope, it looks like women will determine the next president as well as a host of elected officials.

(NOTE Added 11/9: Trump has won. Clearly the U.S.A. is up for total overhaul. We cannot expect the dust to settle for a long time. Love and respect is required — join me with Suzy Meszoly, Master Healer as we do our 11/11 broadcast— listen live or get the archive audio through this link)

clinton-pantsuitsPolls show that women voters overwhelming favor Clinton. Yet whoever wins must deal with the continued anguish of a nation that is on the threshold of profound and irrevocable change.

Hillary Clinton has more years behind her than she has ahead of her.

Is her biggest interest at this time to amass more money and power?

Or is her biggest concern legacy and the fulfillment of her youthful passion?

Voters are clearly divided on whether she’s Lady Macbeth or a visionary who has endured a unique martyrdom in her commitment to change.

Although I believe Hillary Clinton wins the election, she will continue to suffer from bias and controversy. Regardless of whatever you think of this woman, she is resilient.

The next president is the one who brings the U.S. closer to its exact Pluto return and if a second term is won, will take the nation through it.

The U.S. needs leadership and its citizens to be willing to do moral inventory; that is the only way to get through the Pluto Return with Grace.